Centre of Recovered Resources

CORR is a centre that facilitates industry-led research with the overall aim of developing upcycling approaches to decommissioned energy and mining infrastructure (recovered resources). CORR is bridging the academia and the industry to achieve more robust and innovative solutions to industry problems. 

Centre of recovered resources


To produce innovative solutions towards recovering and upcycling the oil and gas sector’s decommissioned infrastructure through high-quality collaborative research projects.

Value Proposition

We will act as a platform to enable collaboration and the dissemination of innovative solutions to common problems.
We aim to multiply the value of R&D expenditure by converting industry-driven initiatives into world-class research projects that target long-term economic, environmental, and social outcomes.
Centre of recovered resources

Our Research

The centre will operate under the following five main themes

Theme 1

Condition assessment - structural health and environmental impact assessment of existing energy and mining infrastructure

Theme 2

Process optimisation – optimised processing of recovered energy and mining resources

Theme 3

Upcycling - material technologies and engineered products

Theme 4

Sustainability and circular economy - lifecycle performance analysis

Theme 5

Education and training

Lead the industry transformation

Research led training and education

Upskilling the workforce

Collaborative R&D with world leading academics

A research team with excellent outcomes

Tax incentives

Centre of recovered resources

Partner with CORR

CORR collaborates with industries and research institutions to induce a technological transformation in the Australian energy and mining industries. As a key partner of the centre, you could be the pioneer in leading this transformation.

Led by the University of Melbourne, the centre brings together prominent Australian research institutions with the industries. This platform provides an opportunity for you to conduct R&D and participate in highest quality research and ethical standards of practice.

As an ARC funded industrial transformation project, the centre aims to provide high quality research-led training to its partners, researchers and PhD students. An industry partner may propose some of their high performing staff members to pursue a PhD or co-supervise potential PhD candidates to conduct research (subject to the selection criteria for PhD candidacy of the respective university).

In addition to inventing new materials, products and processes, CORR will provide opportunities to engage in training activities such as workshops, seminars and on-the-job training. The centre will also provide opportunities to learn from foreign markets and international experts.

The proposed centre team led by the University of Melbourne has successfully established a similar ARC-Industrial Transformation Training Centre, providing platform for innovation and training for its partners. You may read about the centre achievements here https://camph.eng.unimelb.edu.au/#outcomes

Registering your R&D work with the centre at the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources could bring tax offsets at 38.5% for entities of an annual aggregate turnover of AUD 20 million or greater and 43.5% for others for eligible expenses.