Structural Heath Assessment and Monitoring of Trestle of Marine Port Bridge Structure

Integrity of industrial and transport infrastructures is crucial for the continuity in supply chain and socio-economic factors. Their collapse can be disastrous to human life and economically. The periodic and timely assessment of these structures not only reduces maintenance costs but also has long-term benefits with the knowledge of their service life and optimal use. In this project, the performance of a trestle bridge is being evaluated.

A non-contact interferometric radar-based system can monitor and evaluate the performance of the structure by measuring its in-service vibration. In this project, IBIS-FS is used to remotely measure the displacement of multiple points simultaneously at different locations on a structure with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. Then, the structure’s physical properties such as stiffness, modal parameters, and vibration responses can be obtained from these data using appropriate computational techniques. Comparing these features through regular monitoring intervals will indicate any significant anomaly and damage to the structure. After knowing the existence of damage and its location, further analysis can  be conducted to propose a maintenance program and retrofitting and repair, if necessary.

Measurement of dynamic properties of the bridge structure

Project Outcomes:

  • Measurement of dynamic properties of the bridge structure
  • Estimation of the stiffness of the bridge
  • Estimation of induced damage
  • Service life prediction
  • Maintenance program for monitoring of the bridge