Dean Campbell – MIEAust CPEng NER Industry Representative - CORR

Dean Campbell graduated in Engineering with honours, from Monash University in 2000. His professional career commenced working on civil infrastructure design and construction before moving to the design and installation of subsea pipelines, with a specialization in pipeline shore crossings. As Dean’s career has progressed, he has moved to managing the design and construction of offshore oil and gas developments for major energy companies.

Recently, Dean has been working at the forefront of the Energy Transition through managing complex multi-disciplinary studies in the field of hydrogen and de-carbonization. He is leading teams to investigate the opportunity for the export of hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives. He is also looking at scenarios for offshore carbon dioxide pipeline and sequestration projects.

Dean has a keen interest in the ‘Energy Transition’ circular economy and how the Australian subsea energy industry can evolve to support the future opportunities.

A keen promoter of the capability of local Australian industry, Dean is a board member for Industry association,  Subsea Energy Australia. (

Dean is a Principal Engineer for Wood Australia and is based in Perth.