Maharti Triharta – Industry Lead

Maharti Triharta commenced working at the Oil and Gas industry in 2007 after graduating with double bachelor’s degrees in Petroleum Engineering (Hons) and Commerce at the University of Western Australia. She joined Trident Australasia as a graduate project engineer in Longtom Development project, and then shifted to the exploration sector of Oil and Gas, as she joined Schlumberger (now SLB) in 2008 as Well Testing engineer. Throughout her time in SLB from 2008-2017 she has evolved from field engineer to Project Coordinator, Acting Field Service Manager, and Training Instructor. She has extensive international experience in the exploration and production of Oil and Gas, with locations including Karratha and Perth of Western Australia, Qatar, Indonesia, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Abu Dhabi, and France; as well as varieties of projects complexities – deepwater, high gas rate, high H2S, high CO2, high pressure and temperature, and deployment of new technologies.  In 2019, she completed Master of Environmental Engineering at the University of Melbourne and has been involved in the sustainability related teaching and research to date.