A/Prof. Pooria Pasbakhsh

A/ Prof. Pooria’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Material Science and Engineering- Ceramics, a master’s degree in Metallurgy and Material Selection, and a Ph.D. in Polymer Composites. With over 17 years of research, academic and industrial experience he has worked on numerous industrial, government-funded and research projects in various countries such as Australia, Malaysia, Italy, UK, Denmark, Singapore and Iran in the areas of polymers, fibers, coatings, minerals, nanomaterials, biomedical, fuel cells, building materials and composites.

Throughout his careers, he held positions as an Associate Professor at Monash University Malaysia, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Adelaide and Technical Sales Specialist at Anton Paar Australia. Additionally, he has been recognized as one of the “World’s Top 2% Scientists” since 2020 for his research impact in the categories of “Materials,” “Polymers,” and “Chemistry” according to data released by Stanford University and Elsevier.